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Author Topic: pLAY LIVE? Whats your set list look like?  (Read 17485 times)
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« on: April 22, 2005, 11:41:56 AM »

Here's the kind of stuff we do some you won't know as they are originals marked with an *   :willy:    Blues
KEEP YR HANDS to yourself
HGWY 391 *


« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2005, 11:25:09 PM »

My setlist of late is all old jazz standards.  Well, a few newer tunes.  

Its funny you should mention a setlist, for I play most from memory and call 'em as I see fit, but that wasn't enough for the various agencies and places to gig, they wanted a setlist so I recently started using notepad on the gigs to jot 'em down as I play 'em.  

Bear in mind that these are for the solo jazz piano gig, I use Band in a Box on the laptop for bass and drums on many tunes and sing some although any of 'em can be just played on the piano, too.  Using BIAB like a fakebook with the laptop is neat for this kind of gig, I just set it on the piano instead of the regular music rack.  I've got over 5,000 songs in BIAB format and another whole bunch is in .pdf scans of paper fakebooks.  Name of the game is havin' the request ready and the money goes into the tip bowl.  

Here is the BIAB list from what I'm currently choosing out of mostly:

List of Songs from Band-In-A-Box

Title                                              FileName        Style          
-----                                              --------        -----          
'ROUND MIDNIGHT                                    roundmid.MGU    JAZZBAL1.STY  
* Amazing Grace                                    - Amazing Grace J~WLZTRI.STY  
* Autumn Leaves                                    - Autumn Leaves L_BOSBRZ.STY  
* Cherish                                          Cherish.MG9     ZZPOPBAL.STY  
* Cherish                                          Cherish-Bolero_ BOLERO1.STY    
* I Could Have Danced All Night                    - I Could Have  ZZRHUMBA.STY  
* I'll Be Watching You                             I'LL Be Watchin POPRIFF1.STY  
* It's Only A Paper Moon                           - It's Only A P J_DIZZY.STY    
* Midnight Blue                                    MIDNITBL.MG9    ZZPOPBAL.STY  
* Moonlight In Vermont                             MOONLTVT.MGU    JOEPSLOW.STY  
* More Today Than Yesterday                        More Today Than J~UPTOWN.STY  
* Ol' Man River                                    Old Man River.M ACBALLAD.STY  
* Ol' Man River                                    - Ol' Man River ZZJAZZ.STY    
* People Will Say We're In Love                    - People Will S L_50CHA.STY    
* Perdido                                          - Perdido.MGU   L!PERRO.STY    
* Red Sails In The Sunset                          REDSAILS.MGU    YESTRDAY.STY  
* September Song                                   SEPTEMBER.MGU   YESTRDAY.STY  
* Some Day My Prince Will Come                     Some Day My Pri J~MD_WLZ.STY  
* Some Day My Prince Will Come                     SOMDAYMY.MGU    J~MD_WLZ.STY  
* Traces                                           TRACES.MG9      ZZPOPBAL.STY  
* Traces                                           TRACES.MGU      ALWAYS.STY    
* Yes I'm Ready                                    Yes I'm Ready.M POPBAL_2.STY  
* Young At Heart                                   Young at Heart. WONDWRLD.STY  
1Swing Low Sweet Chariot-(cooljazz)                1Swing Low Swee ZOPAS.STY      
4-4--Amazing Grace--4-4                            4-4_Amazing Gra SLOWSOUL.STY  
A Foggy Day                                        A Foggy Day.MGU JAZBOP.STY    
A Foggy Day                                        A Foggy Day in  JAZBOP.STY    
A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square              A Nightingale S BOGEY~.STY    
A Smooth One                                       A Smooth One.MG ZZJAZZ.STY    
A WALK IN THE BLACK FOREST   by Herb Alpert        A Walk In The B JAZQUINT.STY  
Ain t misbehavin                                   aintmisb.MGU    SINATRA.STY    
Ain't misbehavin' (Eb)                             Ain't Misbehavi ZZJAZZ.STY    
Ain't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus                      Ain't Nobody Do RB_ISLEY.STY  
Alfie                                      (Burt B ALFIE.MGU       ANSWERS.STY    
ALL OF YOU                                         allofyou.MGU    AHMAD1.STY    
ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE                             alltheth.MGU    J_BOPPIN.STY  
All the way (Jimmy van Heusen)                     altheway.MGU    SINATRA.STY    
Alley Cat                                          alleycat.MGU    SINATRA.STY    
Almost Like Being In Love                          Almost Like Bei COC~TAIL.STY  
Amazing Grace--BRUBECK                             Amazing Grace-- J~BRUB34.STY  
Amen                                               Amen.MGU        ZZJAZZ.STY    
ANOTHER YOU (THERE WILL NEVER BE)                  anotheru.MGU    J~SONICE.STY  
APRIL IN PARIS                                     april_in.MGU    SINATRA.STY    
Are You Lonesome Tonight                           Are You Lonesom JEAN.STY      
Around The World In Eighty Days                    Around the Worl JEAN.STY      
Arthur's Theme                                     Arthur's Theme. ZZPOPBAL.STY  
As Time Goes By                                    astimego.MGU    SINATRA.STY    
At Hop                                             AT_HOP.MGU      TWIST.STY      
au privave  arranged by george kuhns omni book sol AU PRIVAVE.MGU  JAZSIMP.STY    
AUTUMN IN NEW YORK                                 Autumn in New Y JAZZBAL1.STY  
AUTUMN IN NEW YORK                                 Autumn In New Y J!MANCNI.STY  
AUTUMN LEAVES                                      autumnle.MGU    J~CELLAR.STY  
Awesome God--UNMUTE PIANO!                         Awesome God.MGU ANSWERS.STY    
Baby Elephant Walk - Henry Mancini                 Baby Elephant W BE_LHEV8.STY  
Baby, it's cold outside-UNmuteM,S!                 Baby, It's Cold GEORGIA.STY    
Back At The Chicken Shack                          Back At The Chi J~UPTOWN.STY  
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown - Jim Croce                   Bad, Bad Leroy  BLUSHF_2.STY  
Battle Hymn of the Republic                        Battle Hymn Of  J_COMBO.STY    
Bb-BLUES                                           Bb-blues.SGU    ZZJAZZ.STY    
Beautiful River                                    Shall We Gather ZZCOUN12.STY  
Because He Lives                                   Because He Live SWAY.STY      
Beer Barrel Polka                                  Beer Barrel Pol ZZETHNIC.STY  
begin the begine af                                Begin The Begui ZZRHUMBA.STY  
BEGINNING TO SEE THE LIGHT                         Beginning To Se ZZJAZZ.STY    
BLUE MOON                                          BLUE MOON.MGU   JAZZSLOW.STY  
Blue Skies                                         BLUE SKIES.MGU  ZZJAZOLD.STY  
Blueberry Hill                                     Blueberry_Hill- BLUHILL.STY    
Blues In The Closet                                Blues In The Cl J_BOPPIN.STY  
BLUES RIFF                                         BLUES RIFF.MGU  JAZWAL2.STY    
Bluesette                                          Bluesette.MGU   BLUESET.STY    
BLUESETTE-UNmel for harmonica!                     blsette.MGH     ZZJAZWAL.STY  
BODY AND SOUL                                      bodysoul.MGU    GARNER.STY    
Brazil                                             Brazil.MGU      RIKY_MED.STY  
Bridge Over Troubled Water                         Bridge Over Tro BLANK.STY      
BUT BEAUTIFUL (Jimmy van Heusen)                   butbeaut.MGU    SINATRA.STY    
But not for me                                     butntfme.MGU    SINATRA.STY    
BYE BYE BLACKBIRD                                  byeblack.MGU    JAZQUINT.STY  
Bye Bye Blackbird                                  Bye Bye Blackbi COC~TAIL.STY  
California Dreamin'-(cooljazz)                     California Drea ANSWERS.STY    
California Dreamin'                                California Drea BOSANUVO.STY  
Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus                      Can't Nobody Do ZZHVRMAC.STY  
Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You 2                    Can't Take My E NEWAGE_2.STY  
Canadian Sunset                                    Canadian Sunset J!MANCN2.STY  
Candy 2                                            Candy 2.MGU     CLASSY.STY    
Candy                                              Candy.MGU       CLASSY.STY    
Candy Man                                          Candy Man.MG1   ZZJAZZ.STY    
Cantaloupe island                                  Cantaloupe Isla CANT.STY      
Caravan 3 -- Rhodes Melody is nice                 Caravan.MG4     ZZBOSSA.STY    
Carolina In The Morning                            Nothing Could b SINATRA.STY    
Chances Are                                        Chances Are.MGU GEORGIA.STY    
Change My Heart Oh God                             Change My Heart ZZPOPBAL.STY  
Charade                                            Charade.MGU     GRAVY.STY      
Cheek to Cheek (Berlin)                            Heaven (Cheek t GARNER.STY    
Cherish                                            Cherish.MGU     L~SERENA.STY  
Christmas Song                                     Christmas Song. J_MISTY.STY    
Christmas Song                                     Christmas Song- ANSWERS.STY    
Come Rain or Come Shine                            comerain.MGU    SINATRA.STY    
CONFESSIN' (THAT I LOVE YOU)                       confessn.MGU    J_DIZZY.STY    
Cover Of The Rolling Stone      Dr. Hook           Cover Of The Ro RHYBLUE1.STY  
CUTE                                               cute.MGU        JAZQUINT.STY  
DARN THAT DREAM (Jimmy van Heusen)                 darndrea.MGU    J_MISTY.STY    
Days of Wine and Roses                             dayswine.MGU    L_MAMBO6.STY  
DEEP PURPLE                                        deepurpl.MGU    SINATRA.STY    
Don't Mean A Thing,  It                            It Don't Mean A ZZJAZZ.STY    
DON'T SIT UNDER THE APPLE TREE /C.Tobias           Don't_Sit_Under JAZCOOL.STY    
Easter Parade - Irving Berlin                      Easter Parade - ZZJAZZ.STY    
Easter Parade - Irving Berlin                      Easter Parade - J_MISTY.STY    
Easter Parade - Irving Berlin                      Easter Parade - ZZJAZZ.STY    
Easy to Love                                       easy2luv.MGU    JAZSW2_G.STY  
EMBRACEABLE YOU                                    Embraceable You ZZJAZZ.STY    
Evergreen                                          Evergreen.MG9   ZZPOPBAL.STY  
Fascination                                        Fascination.MGU LULABY34.STY  
Feel Like Making Love                              Feel Like Makin SKYBLAST.STY  
FEELS SO GOOD !                                    Feels So Good ! ZZMIAMIP.STY  
Feels So Good !                                    Feels So Good ! L~SERENA.STY  
Feels So Good ! - (cooljazz)                       Feels So Good ! FAIRLANA.STY  
FINE ROMANCE                                       fineroma.MGU    JAZQUINT.STY  
Flintstone's Theme                                 Flintstone's Th JAZCOOL.STY    
Fly Me To The Moon                                 Fly Me To The M J~EASY.STY    
FOUR                                               FOUR.MG1        ZZJAZZ.STY    
Game(It's all in the)                              Game(it's All I BLUHILL.STY    
GENTLE ON MY MIND                                  Gentle On My Mi C_RICKY.STY    
GENTLE ON MY MIND                                  Gentle On My Mi C_RICKY.STY    
GEORGIA                                            georgia.MG6     ZZBLUSHF.STY  
GEORGIA                                            Georgia.MGU     J~~LAURA.STY  
GET HAPPY                                          Get Happy.MGU   AHMAD1.STY    
GET ME TO THE CHURCH                               Get Me To The C ZZJAZZ.STY    
Getting Sentimental Over You                       Getting Sentime CLASSY.STY    
Gloryland                                          Gloryland.MGU   ~!CHETBR.STY  
God Bless America-OK to UMUTE Pian                 God_Bless_Ameri GROVERW.STY    
God Bless The Child                                god_bless_the_c J~~LAURA.STY  
God Bless The Child                                god_bless_the_c J~~LAURA.STY  
Gravy Waltz                                        Gravy Waltz.MGU J~MD_WLZ.STY  
Green Dolphin Street(chacha)                       Green Dolphin S ZZCHACHA.STY  
Hallelujah I Love Her So                           Hallelujah I Lo J_MJQ_1.STY    
Hallelujah I Love Her So                           Hallelujah I Lo R_JB_70S.STY  
HE AIN'T HEAVY..HE'S MY BROTHER                    He Ain't Heavy. POPBALAD.STY  
Hello, Young Lovers                                Hello, Young Lo JEAN.STY      
HERE'S THAT RAINY DAY                              rainyday.MGU    SWEET.STY      
Hey Good Lookin'                                   Hey Good Lookin WSWING.STY    
HEY THERE                                          heythere.MGU    GARNER.STY    
His Eye is on the Sparrow                          His Eye is on t ZZJAZWAL.STY  
Holy, Holy, Holy!                                  Holy, Holy, Hol DRAMORK4.STY  
HONEYSUCKLE ROSE                                   honysukl.MGU    SINATRA.STY    
Honky Tonk - Bill Doggett-UN-MEL!!                 Honky Tonk - Bi ZZBLUSHF.STY  
House of the rising sun                            House Of The Ri C_SHANIA.STY  
HOW ABOUT YOU ?(Jimmy van Heusen)                  howabout.MGU    ROMPIN.STY    
How Great Thou Art                                 How Great Thou  TSCOTM.STY    
HOW HIGH THE MOON                                  howhigh.MGU     LUIPRIMA.STY  
I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW                              I Can See Clear RB_EDDIE.STY  
I can't believe that you're in love with you       icntbli.mgu     JAZQUINT.STY  
I CAN'T GET STARTED                                icantget.mgu    GARNER.STY    
I CAN'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING BUT LOVE                 icantgiv.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
I Could Write a Book                               icdwrite.mgu    JAZCOOL.STY    
I CRIED FOR YOU                                    icried4u.mgu    JAZQUINT.STY  
I Don't Feel No Ways Tired                         I Don't Feel No RB_JACK5.STY  
I Left My Heart In San Francisco                   I Left My Heart ZZJAZZ.STY    
I LOVE YOU                                         iluvyou.mgu     SINATRA.STY    
I love you just the way you are                    justhway.mgu    FOXTROT.STY    
I Need Thee Every Hour                             I Need Thee Eve BLUESET.STY    
I Only Have Eyes For You                           I Only Have Eye ARPEGGIO.STY  
I REMEMBER CLIFFORD                                iremclif.mgu    GARNER.STY    
I SHOULD CARE                                      ishdcare.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
I SURRENDER, DEAR                                  isurendr.mgu    GARNER.STY    
I THOUGHT ABOUT YOU (JvH)                          ithtbout.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free         I Wish I Knew H GAITHERS.STY  
I WISH YOU LOVE                                    iwisulov.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
I'LL BE SEEING YOU                                 illbesee.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
I'LL REMEMBER APRIL                                iremaprl.mgu    JAZQUINT.STY  
I'm beginning to see the light                     imbginse.sgu    GARNER.STY    
I'M BEGINNING TO SEE THE LIGHT                     begn2see.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
I'M IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE                           I'm In The Mood J~~LAURA.STY  
If I had you                                       ifihadu.mgu     SINATRA.STY    
IMAGINATION  (J.van Heusen)                        imaginat.mgu    GARNER.STY    
IN A MELLOWTONE                                    inmellow.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
In a sentimental mood (DUKE ELLINGTON)             In A Sentimenta JOEPSLOW.STY  
In the Garden                                      In the Garden.M BLUESET.STY    
In the Mood                                        In The Mood.MGU ZZJAZZ.STY    
Isnt She Lovely                                    Isnt She Lovely !FREDDIE.STY  
Isnt She Lovely-(cooljazz)                         Isnt She Lovely SNOWLIT.STY    
It had to be you                                   ithdtbyu.mgu    JAZQUINT.STY  
Jambalay                                           Jambalaya.MGU   BLUGRAS1.STY  
Johnny B Goode. Style                              Johnny_B_Goode. CHUK_B_1.STY  
JUST FRIENDS                                       Just Friends.MG ZZJAZZ.STY    
JUST FRIENDS                                       justfren.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
Just The Two Of Us      Bill Withers/Grover Washin Just The Two Of FUSNSMAC.STY  
Kansas City (I'm goin'to )  blues                  Kansas_City_Blu ZZBLUSHF.STY  
Kansas City                                        A-blues.MGU     J_JSMITH.STY  
Killer Joe                                         KILLER JOE.MGU  JAZSW2_G.STY  
La Paloma ("The Dove") - Ch. De Yradier            PALOMA.MGU      TANGOPIA.STY  
LADY BE GOOD                                       ladybgoo.mgu    JAZZFAST.STY  
LADY BE GOOD--vibes in III                         ladybgood.MGU   JAZZFAST.STY  
Laura                                              Laura--key of C ZZJAZZ.STY    
Laura                                              Laura--key of C ZZJAZZ.STY    
LAURA                                              Laura--Key of B J~~LAURA.STY  
Laura                                              Laura--key of C SWING~EZ.STY  
Le Mer                                             LA MER (sailing J~DEXTER.STY  
Le Mer                                             LA MER(sailing) J~DEXTER.STY  
Let there be love                                  letlove.mgu     SINATRA.STY    
Let Your Glory Fall                                Let Your Glory  ZZLITROK.STY  
Let's fall in love                                 letsfall.sgu    GARNER.STY    
Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing                          Lift Ev'ry Voic WLZ~SLOW.STY  
LIKE SOMEONE IN LOVE  (JvH)                        likesome.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
Lullaby Of Birdland                                Lullaby of Bird J_BOPPIN.STY  
LULLABY OF BIRDLAND                                lullbird.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
Lullaby of the leaves                              lulleavs.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
Mack The Knife                                     Macknife.MGU    CABARET.STY    
Maiden Voyage--UNmute Piano & Mel!                 MAIDEN VOYAGE.M FUSNJAZ1.STY  
Mais Que Nada - Sergio Mendes version (Jorge Ben)  Mais Que Nada - SAMBA.STY      
MASQUERADE (THIS)                                  Masquerade (thi Z5BOSSA.STY    
MEMORIES OF YOU                                    memofyou.mgu    GARNER.STY    
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy - Josef Zawinul-PNO IS CLVNT   Mercy, Mercy, M CLICKTRK.STY  
Merleacious                                        merle_2.sgu     MERLE_3.STY    
Michelle BEATLES  p.141                            Michelle_Beatle BOSANUVO.STY  
MISTY                                              misty.mgu       GARNER.STY    
Mood Indigo                                        Mood-ind.MGU    CLASSY.STY    
Moon Glow                                          Moonglow.MGU    CLASSY.STY    
Moon River                                         Moon River.MGU  MOONRIVR.STY  
Moon River                                         Moonrivr.MGU    MOONRIVR.STY  
Moon River (4/4 cooljazz)                          Moon River (4-4 YEARN.STY      
Moonlight Serenade-UNMUTE PNO!!                    Moonlight Seren JAZZSLOW.STY  
More                                               More.MGU        Z5BOSSA.STY    
More Today Than Yesterday(cooljazz)                More Today Than RAININ.STY    
Mr Bojangles                                       Mr Bojangles.MG TOOTS.STY      
My Attorney Bernie                                 My Attorney Ber R_RIOROK.STY  
MY BLUE HEAVEN                                     myblhevn.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
MY BLUE HEAVEN                                     My Blue Heaven. J_BASIE1.STY  
My Favourite Things                                My Favourite Th J_WESWLZ.STY  
My funny Valentine                                 valentin.mgu    GARNER.STY    
My Melancholy Baby                                 melancho.mgu    GARNER.STY    
My One and Only Love                               My One And Only JAZZBAL1.STY  
MY ROMANCE                                         myromanc.mgu    GARNER.STY    
Nancy                                              nancy.mgu       SINATRA.STY    
NATURE BOY                                         Nature Boy.MG4  ZZBOSSA.STY    
NEARNESS OF YOU   (THE)                            nearness.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
Nearness Of You(the)                               Nearness Of You J_MISTY.STY    
NEVER ON A SUNDAY                                  Never On A Sund ZZCHACHA.STY  
NEW YORK NEW YORK                                  New York New Yo J_COMBO.STY    
Night & Day (Rhumba like)                          Night & Day (rh ZZRHUMBA.STY  
Night and Day                                      nightday.mg1    ZZJAZZ.STY    
Night In Tunisia - Dizzy Gillespie & Frank Paparel Night In Tunisi J_DIZZY.STY    
Night Train - Hrmnca G - Oscar Washington          Night Train - H CHUK_B_1.STY  
Night Train--UMUTE MEL/SOL!!!!!                    Night Train.MGU CHUK_B_1.STY  
NITE & DAY (Cole Porter)                           NITE&DAY.MGU    DOLPHIN.STY    
Ode to Billy Joe                                   Ode To Billy Jo SMOOTHLY.STY  
Old Fashioned way                                  olfasway.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
Old Rugged Cross                                   Old Rugged Cros WLZ~SLOW.STY  
Old Time Religion                                  Old Time Religi ALABAMA1.STY  
On a slow boat to China                            slowboat.mgu    JAZQUINT.STY  
ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET                    On The Sunny Si ZZJAZZ.STY    
Our Love is Here to Stay                           ourluvis.mgu    GARNER.STY    
OUT OF NOWHERE                                     outnowhe.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
OVER THE RAINBOW                                   Somewhere Over  J~~LAURA.STY  
Peaceful Easy Feeling                              Peaceful Easy F C_EAGLE2.STY  
Peel Me A Grape                                    Peel Me A Grape COZY_SW.STY    
Pennies From Heaven                                Pennies From He J_LIGHT.STY    
PERDIDO                                            perdido.mgu     SINATRA.STY    
POLKA DOTS AND MOONBEAMS  (JvH)                    polkadot.mgu    GARNER.STY    
Povo -- -----------UNMUTE PNO!!!                   Povo--coolfunk. COOLFUNK.STY  
Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) - Jobim    Quiet Nights Of L_BOS_MC.STY  
Red roses for a blue lady                          RED ROSES.MGU   SINATRA.STY    
ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN                                Roll Over Beeth CHUK_B_1.STY  
S'Wonderful                                        'SWonderful.MG1 ZZJAZZ.STY    
SATIN DOLL                                         satindol.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME                         Save The Last D TWIST.STY      
Secret Love                                        Secret Love.MG1 ZZJAZZ.STY    
September in the Rain                              September in th ZZJAZZ.STY    
Shout Chorus                                       Shout Chorus.SG SHOUT.STY      
So What-MEL/SOL IS BASS UNMUTE!                    So What.MGX     J~SONICE.STY  
So What                                            So What.MGU     ACIDJAZZ.STY  
SOFTLY AS IN A MORNING SUNRISE                     softasin.mgu    JAZSW2_G.STY  
SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME                           Someone To Watc JAZZBAL1.STY  
Somewhere over the rainbow (intro maat 1-4)        somwrain.mgu    GEORGIA.STY    
Song For My Father                                 Song For My Fat L_VOCE.STY    
SPANISH EYES  - (cooljazz)                         Spanish_Eyes-(c ZOPAS.STY      
SPANISH EYES  /Bert Kaempfert                      Spanish_Eyes___ BOSANUVO.STY  
SPANISH FLEA  by Herb Alpert                       Spanish Flea  B J_DIXIE2.STY  
Spooky                                             Spooky.MGU      DRJONROK.STY  
St. Louis Blues     W.C.Handy                      Saint Louis Blu J_DIZZY.STY    
Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin)                  Stairway to Hea ROKBALD2.STY  
Star Trek (theme)                                  Star Trek (them STARTREK.STY  
STELLA BY STARLIGHT                                stella.mgu      SINATRA.STY    
STORMY WEATHER                                     STORMY WEATHER. ZZJAZZ.STY    
Strangers in the Night TUBES                       Strangers_In_Th J_CARIBE.STY  
Sultry serenade                                    sultry.mgu      JAZQUINT.STY  
SUMMERTIME                                         sumrtime.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
Sweet Georgia Brown                                Sweet_Georgia_B JAZSW2_G.STY  
Sweet Georgie Fame                                 swtgorgi.mgh    ZZJAZWAL.STY  
Swing Low Sweet Chariot-(cooljazz)                 Swing Low Sweet E_OPENHI.STY  
Swinging on a star (JvH)                           Swinging On A S BOGEY~.STY    
Take Five                                          Take Five Takef ZZBOSSA.STY    
Take Five - Cm                                     Take Five - Cm. BOSANEW.STY    
Take The A Train                                   Take the A Trai COC~TAIL.STY  
Takin it to the Streets --  You know what to do!   Takin it to the BLANK.STY      
That old feeling                                   oldfelin.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
The Best Is Yet To Come                            Best is Yet to  ZZJAZZ.STY    
The End Of The World                               End of the Worl CAREY128.STY  
The Fool On The Hill (Arr. Sergio Mendez)          The Fool On The Z4BOSSA.STY    
The Fool on the Hill BEATL p.65                    The .MGU        COUNRCK2.STY  
THE LONELY BULL   by Herb Alpert                   The Lonely Bull L!PRADO.STY    
The Shadow of Your Smile                           Shadow of Your  ZZBOSSA.STY    
THERE IS NO GREATER LOVE                           there_is.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
this masqerade  with bensons arranged by george ku This Masqerade  SLOWPOP2.STY  
This Train Is Bound For Glory                      This Train Is B C_RICKY.STY    
Thoroughly Modern Millie (JvH) (verse 1-17)        mdrnmili.sgu    SINATRA.STY    
Tomorrow                                           Tomorrow.MGU    ZZPOPBAL.STY  
Tuesday Afternoon (by Justin Hayward - Moody Blues Tuesday Afterno DOLPHIN.STY    
Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus                          Turn Your Eyes  J!MANCNI.STY  
Twilight Time                                      Twilight Time.M J~LIONEL.STY  
Two sleepy people                                  twosleep.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
Undecided                                          undecide.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
Under The Boardwalk    Resnick/Young               Under_The_Board BOARDWLK.STY  
Unforgettable                                      unforget.mgu    GEORGIA.STY    
Up jumped spring                                   upjmpspr.mgh    ZZJAZWAL.STY  
WADE IN THE WATER                                  Wade In The Wat AHMAD1.STY    
Watermelon Man - Herbie Hancock                    Watermelon Man  ZZFUNK.STY    
Watermelon Man - Herbie Hancock                    Watermelon Man  ZZFUNK.STY    
What a Diff'renze a Day Made                       What a Differen ZZBOSSA.STY    
What A Friend We Have in Jesus                     What A Friend W COOL.STY      
What are you doing the rest of your life           whatrest.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW IS LOVE                   What The World  J_WESWLZ.STY  
What'a Wonderful World                             What'a Wonderfu J!SATCH.STY    
WHAT'S NEW                                         whatsnew.mgu    GARNER.STY    
WHEN I FALL IN LOVE                                wenifall.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
WHEN SUNNY GETS BLUE                               sunygets.sg1    ZZJAZZ.STY    
When You're Smilin'                                whensmil.mgu    JAZQUINT.STY  
When your lover has gone                           wnlvrgon.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
Whisper not                                        whisprnt.mgu    GARNER.STY    
Yesterday (all my troubles)                        Yesterday__All_ J!LUSH.STY    
YESTERDAYS                                         yestdays.mgu    SINATRA.STY    
You Are the Sunshine of My Life                    You Are The Sun BOSSA2.STY    
You Are Too Beautiful                              You Are Too Bea J_SLBAL1.STY  
YOU ARE TOO BEAUTIFUL                              ur2-bute.mgu    GARNER.STY    
You brought a new kind of love to me               newkind.mgu     JAZSW2_G.STY  
You don t know what love is                        udontkno.sgu    GARNER.STY    
YOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME                           u-tookad.sg1    ZZJAZZ.STY    
[End of the list]==================================================================

Yes, I play jazz versions of many tunes these days, certain hymns that lend themselves to the genre, too.  

But hey, drop a five spot in the jar and I'll play any tune you ask for, even if I dont' know it!    five bucks is five bucks.  


Standa Loudin
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« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2005, 07:25:33 AM »

How much time it took? Mean to write it down, Mac? Or you have secretary? :-)
« Reply #3 on: April 23, 2005, 07:40:44 AM »

How "involved / arranged" does a tune in BIAB end up being before you use it?
Does getting the right style (and setting her on auto-pilot) with bass and drums work for you?  -Just copping a good fake book?
--Just wondering (don't get out much).
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« Reply #4 on: April 23, 2005, 09:57:05 AM »

How "involved / arranged" do does a tune in BIAB end up being before you use it?
Does getting the right style (and setting her on auto-pilot) with bass and drums work for you?  -Just copping a good fake book?
--Just wondering (don't get out much).
I tweak the heck out of 'em, the BIAB files are a continuous project, a continuous process.  

I also have tweaked the heck out of many of the stock styles.  Being a piano player I wasn't all that satisfied with the piano in many of the styles even though when I play out the Piano, Melody and Solo tracks get muted and stay muted.  I
play the piano stuff, don't need that.  Some styles do have jazz or clean strat guitar in them to suit.  

BUT, a good player doesn't need to change much to go out and play.  You can get a lot of mileage out of using downloaded songs already out there if you audition them first and do things like expand the number of choruses, correct the key signatures on many (a lot of folks enter a song in another key and leave BIAB set for the default key of C, urch.  Change the key to the proper key signature, examine the chordsheet to see what it is, generally the last chord is the chord of the key but not always and when you select the right key sig in the dropdown menu tell BIAB "No" to changing the leadsheet.  Then save and all should look normal on the staff view. )

I use the Fakebook sheet page mostly when gigging more as a reminder as to what's programmed in BIAB than anything else, and often will put a bunch of songs into a set folder and use the random jukebox feature for an entire fast-paced set.  Most times I pick and choose from the folders, though as I go and as requests come in.  Use microsoft "Find" under the start menu, set to the BB folder only to find all instances of any requests in a hurry, can double-click a file from there and open it as long as BIAB is not in the SONG window.  It will crash if Findfile runs and selects a song while that pesky Song window is open...

Remember, I've been working with BIAB since the DOS days.  

However, this is actually the first time I have taken it out on a gig with the laptop.  

Seems to be working out very well, actually, I set up a 60W/channel Home Stereo Integrated amp and a set of boxes that contain a heavy duty 12" driver and a round dome tweeter in each and run the VSC in stereo along with my digi-piano in places where there is no grand piano.  All goes thru a mini mixer.  If the house is large I use the Line Out (Rec Out) of the little amp to go to the house PA as stereo even if the PA is mono and sums.  Usually use the Rec In jack on the house PA if they have one, otherwise a line in will do.  Tried using a demo of the new Super Quartet for a bit, funny thing the audiences seemed to respond better to the standard VSC in the jazz realm, so I saved some money there and went back to standard VSC.  I LOVED the sound of the Super Quartet, though, and may still pick it up sometime for recording purposes and my own playing here at home.  The standard VSC provides a pretty smooth mix of instruments and I think that is the difference there, the Super Quartet wants me to re-tweak the volumes, panning and other settings for many songs.  

All I can say is keep working with the program, keep learning things both musical and inside of BIAB, and never be satisfied with a style or a song, keep looking for ways to improcve it as you go along.  I will think of certain things while playing the tune live and use the BIAB MEMO pad to jot a note in there, "Expand ending with tag" or something like that to remind me, then will do a SaveAs to a folder I've named !work1 right there on the gig.  Opening that folder later reveals any songs that I have had ideas about plus a note to remind me when I get home and have time.  Then I can try the new addition etc and tweak it.  

As for sources, some have been downloaded and found usuable darn near as-is, most need tweaking when you download, I generally also expand the number of choruses for it is indeed a jazz gig.  I have entered a few from fakebooks and a lot from my own memory of how I play them, too.  

The first thing you should do, Ken, is find all the sites where others have stored BIAB files and download them.  Audition them and selectively save those that are interesting to you in a separate folder for re-visits, practice, etc.  This will build a rather large "repertoire" in no time if you apply to it daily or weekly even as time allows.  

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« Reply #5 on: April 23, 2005, 12:46:59 PM »

WOW!!! What a list Mac!!! :willy:  Drummer  :teej:  
Kid Dutch
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« Reply #6 on: April 24, 2005, 03:53:03 AM »

Here's my list for the Kid Dutch and his Blusicians ™:

This does not include many standards we do ( a lot are on Mac's tasty list)  nor does it include some originals and blues with impromptu lyrics which we are likely to do as the spirit moves.

Set lists for me have become more of a guideline or starting point.  To me the real ART in being  a leader in a live setting is knowing what tune the crowd NEEDS next.

Ain't Nobody Here ( but us Ch) -
All The Girls Go Crazy - Bb
Apex Blues - Bb
Baby Iím Cutting Out - Bb
Barmaid Is Just Like A Mther - Ab
Big Mamou - Bb
Big Ten Inch Record - Eb
Blueberry Hill - Eb
Blue Monday - Bb
Blue Monk* - Bb
Blues In My Heart -
Blues My Naughty (Shuff) - Gm
Built For Comfort* - Bb
But I Was Cool - Bb
Buzz Me -
Caldonia* - Bb
Cherry Red - C
Choo Choo Ch' Boogie - F
Cielito Lindo* - F
Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A Bird - Bb
Comes Love - Bb
Crazy - Eb or Bb
Dans La Rue Antibes* -
Dat Dere -
Dippermouth* - Bb
Dirty, Dirty People -
Don't Get Around Much *-C
Don't Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes at Me-C
Don't You Feel My Leg - C
Don't You Leave Me Here - Bb
Down On The Farm - F
Do You Ever Think Of Me - Eb
Eh La Bas - Ab
Eh Marie - C
Embraceable You - F
Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout Chick-Bb
Everything Happens to Me -
Everybody Eats When They Come To My House- C
Fish Seller- F/C/Bb/F
The Freeze - Eb
Gee Baby - Bb
Georgia Cabin - Eb
Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night - Bb
Go to the Mardis Gras
Green Eyes - Bb
Groove Juice Special - C
Hard Hearted Hannah - Eb
Hazelís Hips - Bb
Heigh Ho Silver *- Eb
Hesitatin' Blues - F
Hey Now - Ab
Hi-De-Ho Man That's Me* -
Highballin' Daddy - Eb
Hit That Jive Jack - Ab
How Big Can You Get**-Bb
How Come You Do Me*-Bb
How Long Blues - Bb
Ice Cream* - Bb
I Got Rhythm* - Bb
I Hear You Knockin' - Bb
I Like 'Em Fat Like That - C
I'll Be Glad When You're Dead* (See    You    Rascal You)
I'm Gone - Bb
I'm Walkin' - Bb
In The Mood* - Bb
Indian Summer - C
Is You Is - Ab
It Don't Mean A Thing* - Gm
It Had To Be You -
It Was When My Baby Left Me* - Eb (Eddie Vinson Blues)
I've Got The Stinger - Eb
I Wish I Were Twins - C
Jack You're Dead** -
Jealous Hearted Blues* - Bb
The Joint Is Jumpin' - Bb
Joe Avery* - Bb
June Night - Bb
A Kiss To Build A Dream On - C
Knock Me A Kiss - F
Large Women (and their skinny little men) - Bb
Lay Your Racket Daddy - Bb
Lester Leaps In* - Bb
Let Me Off Uptown -
Let My Boogie Be
Let The Good Times Roll -
Lotus Blossom - Gm
Love Struck - C
Lulu's Back In Town - Eb
Mardis Gras Mambo - Bb
Melody Of Love - F (Shuff)
Minnie The Moocher - Fm
The Monkey Speaks His Mind - F
My Blue Heaven* - Eb (Shuff )
My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes - Eb
Night Train *-Bb
Nobody Knows You - C
Now Is The Time* (Charlie Parker) - Bb
One Night- Bb Take To F
One O'clock Jump* - Eb
Open The Door Richard - F (need Lyrics)
Opus One* - C
Palm Springs Jump - Ab
The Panic Is On - F
Pencil Thin Mustache -
Pokin' & Pettin'* -
Preachin The Blues** - Eb
Quiet Whiskey* - Ab
Rockin' Chair - Eb
Rocky Road - Eb
Roll 'Em - Bb
Salty Dog - Ab
Saturday Night Fish Fry** -
Save It Pretty Mama** - Bb
Say Si Si  -
See See Rider - F
Shake That Thing* - Eb
Should I - Bb (Shuff)
Si Tu Vous Ma Mere** -
Sister Kate - Eb
Somebody Done Changed The Lock* - Ab
Some Women Do - Bb
St. Philip St. - Bb
Stompy Jones -Ab
Sugar Coated Love - C
Sweet Home Chicago - C
Sweet Substitute -Ab
Swing That Music - Bb
Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do - Bb
Tain't No Sin - C
Tain't What 'Cha Do - Ab
Takes A Long Time (to break in a brand new broom)*- F
Take The A Train - C
The Scat Song** - Bb
Things I Want I Can't Get At Home -F
Things Ain't What They Used To Be** - Bb
Three Handed Woman -
Weary Blues** - F/Bb
What A Wonderful World** -
Whoopin' Blues - Eb
Wildman Blues - Bb
Windin' Boys - Eb
You Rascal You* - Ab
Your Feet's Too Big - C

Speaking of Band in A Box (which is a great rehearsal tool, but personally I would shoot myself before taking it on a live gig) - here are some yahoo group sources for BIAB files:

BIAB Groups

There is also an additional file archive collection for the Yahoo
Band-In-A-Box Group BIAB File Archive ( you gotta join to get in)


Jazztime Productions, LLC  /

-- and now: - The Society for the Preservation and Proliferation of Acoustic Music and Musicians
 Our Motto: "Musicians, Not Electricians  - Talent, Not Technology"

"The most important notes you play... are rests."
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« Reply #7 on: April 24, 2005, 02:30:07 PM »

Well, it depends on the band.... Happy

Italian Big Band

O Sole Mio
Santa Lucia
Ciao Ciao Bambina
Arrividerci Roma
I Left my Heart in San Franciso
La Campana di San Giusto
Tarantella Napoletano
Torna Sorrento
Moon River
Abruzze Mi
Mari Marie
Stella Luna
That's Amore
Ring of Fire (I think that is the name, it is a tzngo and has nothing to do with hank Williams Happy )
Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White
Little Italy (A polka)
Clarinet Polka
Legenda del Piave
Beer Barrel Polka
Tic Toc Polka
God Bless America (We always close with this)
La Spagnola
A bunch of others I dont remember

Jazz Group (Society's Doll and the Great Mad Hoax)
Girl from Ipanema
A Night in Tunisia
St. Louis Blues
Straight, No Chaser
All of Me
Autumn Leaves (Miles style)
Stormy Weather
Blue Midnight
All Blues
So What
The Thrill is Gone
Pennies From Heaven
Nearness of You
Swing 42
Blue Monk
Satin Doll

Kristi Strauus and the Blue Medusa (My originals band)

Err, a bunch of tunes you never heard of. Happy

Check out my bands, or at least the ones that have a web presence:
« Reply #8 on: April 24, 2005, 05:21:58 PM »

Coverband songs (Halfcut) - leaving out the ones we don't currently play.

Weir - Killing Heidi
I Love Rock and Roll - Joan Jett
Like a Pill - Pink
The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benetar
Hard Days Night - Beatles
All Over You - Live
Tomorroe - Silverchair
Walk This Way - Run DMC Aerosmith Version
Suck My Kiss - RHCP
Shook Me - ACDC
Cold Hard Bitch - Jet
Mascara - Killing Heidi
Lost Control - Grinspoon
Be My Girl - Jet
Enter Sandman - Metallica
Zombie - Cranberries
Papa Don't Preach - Kelly Osborne version
Hazard To Myself - Pink
You Aughta Know - Alanis Morrisette
All Fired Up - Pat Benetar
Bring Me Some Water - Melissa Etheridge
Learn To Fly - Foo Fighters
On My Mind - Powderfinger
Song 2 - Blur
Celebrity Skin - Hole
Early Warning - Baby Animals
It's My Life - No Doubt
Better - Screaming Jets
Pride  - U2
Small Things - Blink182
Harder To Breath - Maroon5
Welcome To The Jungle - Guns and Roses
Sweet Child o Mine - Guns and Roses
Fortune Faded - RHCP
Everthing About You - Ugky Kid Joe
Boys Of Summer - Atari's Version
Fallen Angel - Poison

Acoustic Duo Songs (no name yet, not a full set yet either, bit of overlap, same singer from Halfcut)
Ordinary Angels - Frente!
Scar - Missy Higgins
I Was Meant For You - Jewel
Zombie - Cranberries
Sway - Bic Runga
Torn - Natalie Umbruliga
Lovesong - Ameil
To Be With You - Mr Big
Hole Hearted - Extreme
More Than Words - Extreme
Bring Me Some Water - Melissa Etheridge
Time After Time - Cindi Lauper
True Colors - Cindi Lauper
Even When I'm Sleeping - Leonardo's Bride
Weir - Killing Heidi
Tomorrow - Silverchair
All Over You - Live

The Lazy Gene Theory (originals)
Not doing any songs off the CD's I sent out to a bunch of ntrack forum people anymore, but we'll be recording some RSN...

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« Reply #9 on: April 24, 2005, 07:45:06 PM »

My "Band" is my piano and the singer at church. We do:

Hymn 1
Hymn 2
Hymn 3
Hymn 4
Hymn 527


Marcelo Colina
Kindergarden music teacher (yeah, i work with the big ones Wink
My music Motagator
My music at Soundclick
Some more music from me
« Reply #10 on: April 24, 2005, 08:38:54 PM »

My "Band" is my piano and the singer at church. We do:

Hymn 1
Hymn 2
Hymn 3
Hymn 4
Hymn 527

Hey, I play that gig too!  

I once played for a minister who would leave the numbers of the hymns he wanted me to play on Sunday on my answering machine every Friday night.  

Sounded like I was a bookie, man:  

"Hi Mac, here's the numbers for this Sunday, 433, 275, 307 and 444, see you there and have a blessed day."  

Well, at least he didn't say, "trip fours"....      :loser:

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« Reply #11 on: April 24, 2005, 09:06:10 PM »

Play at church have this funny storys sometimes, isnt Mac?. But i will not tell them because some are a little embarrasing to me Wink

(ok; "where is my piano seaaaaat...!" "In this repetition i will touch with more enthusiams" chan, chan... oh, why nobody sing? err... the hymn has finished brother marce!, oh, sorry"... and no more than this guys Wink

Maybe you can open a thread something like "funny storys at stage"
« Last Edit: April 24, 2005, 09:11:27 PM by marce » Logged

Marcelo Colina
Kindergarden music teacher (yeah, i work with the big ones Wink
My music Motagator
My music at Soundclick
Some more music from me
« Reply #12 on: April 24, 2005, 09:34:03 PM »

marce, I once played a church that had a mouse living in the organ.  

the mouse would run through the bussbars under the keys and play the thing at the worst times...  

Then everybody would look at me.  

Finally opened the thing up and removed the unwanted little squatter, the minister's daughter would not let us kill it, we let it go outside in the churchyard.  

A week late the mouse had moved back into the organ and continued to play ad lib improvisations during the hymns.  Like a lot of self taught musicians, every once in a while he'd actually hit the right note...  

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« Reply #13 on: April 25, 2005, 07:29:02 AM »

Funny Happy

Well, a good training could be try to make a jazz improvisation following to our mouse friend... something said in this forum "there is not wrong chords, only chords that the player dont know how to end"

Marcelo Colina
Kindergarden music teacher (yeah, i work with the big ones Wink
My music Motagator
My music at Soundclick
Some more music from me
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« Reply #14 on: April 25, 2005, 08:07:10 AM » about a setlist change....i had one this week...
i got a mandolin a couple weeks ago and have been teaching myself to play the that bad...i just don't think i will be doing the Nickle Creek Speed Metal Mandolin Method anytime soon..but i am geting scales and melodies better as i sit and try to comp the melodies off of TV commercials... director emailed me thursday...wanted me to play with him on a version of a song in the first service went over very well..that is the progressive service...second service is more traditional...well...he had me play the first four songs in the second service...i usually play bass...i think it is good practice though...since having too do something is a really good teacher...and playing in a church service is not really high pressure...i really enjoyed it...we did an acoustic version of "redeemed how i love to proclaim it"...mandolin really sounds good on that song...
Logged is up and running...drop on by

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a guy who went blind because he looked at a solar eclipse without one 
of those boxes with a pinhole in it and now goes around the country 
speaking at high schools about
Guy Boden
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« Reply #15 on: April 25, 2005, 03:09:52 PM »

As a guitar player, I usually play whatí ever chords I'm given, the changes to songs are often similar, my main aim is to try to play tight rhythm and a half decent melodic solo.

I've always liked the bridge section to Girl from Ipanema, a good approach I was told about recently was to play around with:

| F# Maj arp | F# Jazz min arp | A Maj arp | A Jazz min arp|  
| CMaj arp   | C Dim arp          |BbMaj arp | C Dim arp      |

It works, try it!


If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been owing more to patient attention, than to any other talent.
- Isaac Newton
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« Reply #16 on: April 25, 2005, 04:12:48 PM »

My "Band" is my piano and the singer at church. We do:

Hymn 1
Hymn 2
Hymn 3
Hymn 4
Hymn 527

Hey marce,

Same hear. Except we have more musicians! Sometimes all I get is the pianist turning to me and mouthing "Eb". Those times are actually quite fun as it forces one to LISTEN rather than just play by rote. EVERYBODY oughta have to play at church. Great place to learn.

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People accuse me of being apathetic...

Meh... whatever...
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