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Hi guys. My brother in law has buyed an Laney KC150 keyboard amplifier for his own use (he plays acoustic guitar and like to sing, also some keyboard). I went last night to meet the thing. Im not much in the brands about this things, but it appear to be a quality thing, made in the uk, and with some years on it. The sound is very nice, and powerfull, it has several inputs, included reverb, send&return for external fx, etc.
The problem is: it sounds  very good... while you dont touch the knobs, lot of noise, appear that they went to war. It weight like a dead man.
The question is: do you think that we can make the cleaning of it (wich was your secret formula MAC?) or is better to send it to a service? There exist components that a dis-honest service can exchange for others?

Thanks your help guys.

A photo of a similar model, the kc100

If you mean that you hear a scratchy or static noise when you turn the knobs, but the amp is rather quiet when you don't, first thing to try is cleaning and lubricating the potentiometers.  

The spray I recommend is called CAIG in the "red" or "gold" formula, either one contains cleaning solvents that evaporate quickly and leave a lubricant designed for these kinds of switches and controls behind.  

But you can also use any "TV TUNER CLEANER" that also contains a lubricant if the CAIG is hard to find.  

You must open up the amp and find the little slots behind each potentiometer control and use the little red straw that comes with the aerosol to spray a very small amount into the actual pot, then quickly turn that knob back and forth from pin to pin ten to twenty times to mechanically wipe the contator and resistor surface with the chemical.  

This is a common problem with older equipments, especially if they have been in storage without use for some time, the original lubricant in the pots will dry out, plus dust, corrosion and other things that nature does to unused machines occurs.  

(In a real pinch, if you cannot find TV tuner lube nor CAIG, you can use common WD-40 in an older amp like that one, it just won't last as long between cleanings).  DO NOT USE ANY PETROLEUM BASED SOLVENT, though.  (Like "LPS")  That can eat the carbon off of the controls.  


Hi Mac. Thanks!
Yes i mean what you understood. Not sure if i will can get CAIG or the TVTuner cleaner (i will try), but i have wd-40 at home.

I bought a used Laney 50 watt guitar amp and just love it, when i bought it the reverb did not work, it just added static, i I "Mac-ed" up and pulled the metal tube thing for the reverb and cleaned the socket and the prongs and now it works great. Not bad for $100 US it has very nice tone and plenty of volume.

Thanks robo! The thing basically works, including the reverb, but it have too much noise when using the knobs, i suppose we will have nice results with it after the cleaning.


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