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Trojans, Virus's and Spyware

Cleaning out badware
We all know the headaches a Virus, Spyware or Trojan program can cause when accidentally downloaded onto a machine. Here are the three programs we personally use every time we have a problem, and they have worked very well for cleaning up our systems. We have yet to find anything better for free, or even paid programs that work this well; and yes, everything listed below is free for individual home use.

First if you believe you have a virus or Trojan, you need to clean your machine with these two programs, Malwarebytes & Spybot. Download them, and then BEFORE you search for problems, check for updates. Sometimes updates are not included with the original download, so take a second to search for updates using the help tab when you have the program up and running.

After you have the program updated go ahead and start your search for problems. When it's finished, you should get a list of what Trojans, Virus's and Spyware are on your machine, and the system will ask if you want to remove the little buggers; Look for things that are your normal programs that you use, and delete all things that are dangerous. - Download the free version half way down the page - Spybot - Search & Destroy©® 1.6.2

IF you can't get the virus out while running your PC in normal mode, restart your machine and run it in safe mode. While your PC is rebooting, a screen will ask you to press either your F8 key or some other F-numbered key to enter the set up, from there you can select safe mode, and that will allow your PC to start without the virus's and Trojans. Then just run these programs again, and you should be fine after that.

FREE antivirus !!!!! YES IT'S FREE !!!!!

There is also a good free antivirus software available for your machine if you don't have anything running on it. If you do have some kind of antivirus on there that has expired, remove it, or go to the company's web site and find out how to remove it, and THEN use Avast! to protect your machines.

DANGER DANGER DANGER - Make sure you remove the old antivirus before adding the new one, doing otherwise can cause problems.

Avast! is free and works great. - Avast! Home Edition - free antivirus Good luck cleaning your system, Don Endriss

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