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Getting Started With The Basics of Digital Recording

basics of recording
So, you've purchased your recording software and want to dive right in and record a masterpiece? Ok, we'll get there. But there is a lot to learn first. If you've run a mixing board, you have a head start. But even if you haven't, the tutorials and how-to's on these pages will get you started on the road to where you want to be. The best place to start? The manual of course... You DID read it, right? At the very least familiarize yourself with the manual so you know where to look when questions arise.

Most modern recording software is amazingly intuitive and is actually pretty easy to learn. But there are important concepts you have to understand before you can call yourself a recording engineer. Take the time to read the entire manual. It covers the basics of hardware setup, signal routing, monitoring, recording, and mixing, and does a good job of explaining a complex process in easy to understand language. Many basic questions can be answered by reading through this 'Getting Started' section, including the links in the upper right corner.

  • Learning the keyboard shortcuts for your particular software will make it quick and easy to control. This is a real time saver overlooked by many beginners and yet another reason to be familiar with that manual.

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