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Digital Audio Recording Software for Computers

audio recording software
These (List of softwares) are mostly designed for multrack digital recording. But there are other programs you will probably want to include in your toolbox, and we have listed them below.

WAV Editors: Most DAW software does basic editing, but most of us use an external WAV editor for more advanced edits, noise reduction, etc.

  • Audacity is a good, free, 24-bit capable editor many of us use.
  • Cool Edit 96 is also free and offers noise reduction.
  • Tiny Wave Editor - Free, and highly recommend by Limey (so it's gotta be good).

Drum Sequencers: Use these to create click tracks and quite realistic, multi-track drums.
  • Fruity Studio - Powerful, but a bit complex. Comes in different flavors ($50 - $150).
  • HotStepper - Freeware and easy to use
  • LeafDrums - Highly recommended by a number of users. ($25)
  • Tom Hicks Drum Samples - Whatever sequencer you use, you'll need drum samples. These are excellent quality, and they're FREE! Thanks, Tom!

Plug-Ins: There are literally hundreds of plug-ins available for enhancing your tracks. Plug-ins are grouped into two types; Direct X and VST. Both types are supported by most recording software (as is VSTi, by the way). Some plug-ins don't play well with others. Some plug-ins don't play well, period! Here are some that do.

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