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Burning a Large Single File

How to burn a suite CD
This pops up fairly frequently, so here's the definitive HOWTO on how to take one stereo wav file, and make it several tracks on a cd, as is often the case for live recordings, or recordings taken from a tape or LP.

  • Step 1.

    Open Nero and create a new Audio CD. Sorta goes without saying.

  • Step 2.

    From the file browser window on the right hand side, drag the required file over to the left hand compilation window. Rightclick on the file and select Properties. If anyone cares, those songs in the browser window can be heard here.


  • Step 3.

    Change the Pause to "0". This is the gap between tracks. Quite often in a live recording you'll want the audience and applause between songs without a dropout. Even when I work with band demos I'll have a single wav file with the required gap between songs already inserted in Soundforge, and I wont want that messed with.


  • Step 4.

    Select the "Indexs, Limits, Splits" tab, click where you want a track to start, and press Split. Don't use "Index" solely as some (most?) cd players won't recognise them, but splits work all the time. Notice the secret track there at the end? Just don't split after the last noted song. Too easy. In the same way, you can have several splits in a song if you wanted - nero doesn't care where you put them. You can also zoom in and play the wav file, pressing "Split" when you hear the "gap". Very useful. Click "apply" and then "ok", answering YES both times.

    BTW, you can also click and drag the splits around.


  • Step 5.

    You'll see the finished track listing in the compilation window. These can be played, renamed and dragged around for any play order you desire on the cd. They can also be deleted. Here, click on the Pause for the very first track and change it to 2 seconds. This isn't essential as nero will warn about it and ask for your ok to change it.  Actually, IIRC it will do it anyway.


  • Step 6.

    Burn the cd, making sure that it's finalised and burnt Disk At Once, otherwise you'll get 2 second gaps regardless of what you've specified.


  • Step 7.

    Send finished cd to record company in exchange for money, women (or men, if your tastes go that way) and wine (again, if your tastes go that way).


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