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Recording Primers and References

Recommended recording aids
Visit the sites listed here to learn more about the art of recording. As always, visit our forum to ask specific questions.

  • Download and install Studio Buddy and place it on your desktop. It's a great little program that's like having two pro recording engineers at your private beck-and-call.
    Use Studio Buddy to answer questions concerning the art and science of multi-track recording from initial tracking to mix down to mastering. Highly recommended for newbies and pros alike.

  • ProRec Vocal Micing Primer Mic placement is critical in getting a good sound going in, and so is the room. Spend the time to read this primer. And as always, experiment, listen, experiment some more, and yes, trust your ears.

  • ProSound Micing Primer is another very helpful mic positioning primer.

  • SAE Institute has a great site with tons of recording/mixing info. Check out the sections on drum and vocal recording.

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